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Our Services

ISClass offers its services to the shipping industry and sets standard in technology, safety and quality. The spectrum of services provided by ISClass has steadily broadened to cater to the growing needs of the global market.

Central to our thinking is the optimizing of operational safety and the associated increases in profitability we achieve for our clients. At ISClass, we view technical expertise less as an end in itself and more as a client-oriented service which delivers clear added value.

As a genuine global player in this segment, we offer first-class technical knowledge and expertise within a fast-reacting, flexible worldwide network.

We offer the following services to you:

  • Conceptual design of terminal facilities
  • Terminal design review and recommendations
  • Risk assessment and management for safety and security
  • Developing HSE management systems for compliance with IS0 9000, ISO 14000 and ISO 18000 certification schemes
  • Vessels classed include Alframax Tankers, Panamax and Handy Sized Bulkers etc
  • Authorized RO (Recognized Organization) and RSO (Recognized Security Organization) for various flags
  • Class and Statutory Surveys
  • CAP / CAS Assistance
  • Valuation Survey
  • Pre-Purchase Condition Survey
  • Project management including shipyard supervision
  • FSO, FPSO, FBPSO including safety and security consultancy
  • Supply chain security consultancy for ISO 28000 certification
  • Incident investigation and damage assessment
  • Underwriter survey

Oil Terminal and Consultancy Services


We offer a comprehensive range of specialist services to support clients in the cost effective design and operation of their oil terminalling assets.

How we can help?

Our services cover design appraisal, integrity assessment and specialized consultancy including the following:

  • Conceptual design of terminal facilities
  • Design review and recommendations
  • Developments of performance standards
  • Hazard assessment and management
  • Security assessment and management
  • Risk analysis and management for safety and security
  • The development, implementation and enhancement of Safety, Health and Environment management systems for compliance with ISO9000, ISO14000 and ISO18000 certification schemes.
  • Training courses relating to Safety, Health and Environment
  • Training courses for company security officers and personnel

Your Benefits

In providing a design appraisal service, we can examine your design for compliances with the relevant codes and standards. From conceptual design to completion of construction, we will continually identify critical areas that must be addressed, thus bringing increased confidence in the design and construction of your valuable assets.

Our experience and together with our pool of specialist in the Oil Terminal Industry will be able to assist you in establishing management systems in the areas of Security, Safety, Health and Environment. This will enhance and embrace your company’s profile and policies leading to an overall improved business performance.

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Tanker Management and Self Assessment

What is TMSA (Tanker Management and Self Assessment)?

It is a programme that offers a standard framework for assessment of a ship’s operator management system. This programme is intended to help ship operators to improve their management system and to help the industry to take well-informed vetting decisions.

What is the TMSA guide?

There are 12 detailed self-assessment elements that companies can follow to demonstrate their commitment towards continuous improvement in safety and environmental excellence within the tanker industry. This is covered by the following:

  • Management, leadership and accountability
  • Recruitment and management of shore-based personnel
  • Recruitment and management of ships personnel
  • Reliability and maintenance standards
  • Navigational safety
  • Cargo ballasting and mooring operations
  • Management of change
  • Incident investigation and analysis
  • Safety management
  • Environmental management
  • Emergency preparedness and contingency planning
  • Measurement, analysis and improvement

How ISClass can help?

  • Management systems
    Help you to achieve the necessary certification (ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001).
  • Advisory services
    Help you identify how well your existing system comply with the elements of TMSA.
  • Training
    Our training courses will help you towards your commitment to continuous improvement and long term delivery of your safety and environmental goal.
  • Risk management
    We offer a range of risk management programme to ensure that all element of the TMSA are included in your self assessment plans.

    Summary of Services

    We provide the following services to help you comply with the TMSA guide:

    • Management system certification (ISO, ISM, ISPS, EMS, OHSAS)
    • Gap analysis, preliminary and periodical assessments
    • Risk assessments services
    • Planned maintenance and condition monitoring schemes
    • Ballast water management plan approval
    • Human element studies
    • Training needs assessments and range of practical courses

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